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to the Russian Market!

Development of the life science SMEs’ access to the modern life science research and production capacities by internationalisation and commercialization of related solutions.

About the project

Aim of the project is to contribute to the economic development and global competitiveness of Finland and Russia by positing the cross-border region as an emerging life science destination.


Key services

The park will offer the following range of services.


Pilot production


Market entry



Target industries & core product groups 

The services of the park are tailored for the development of the following product groups.


Chemical products

Medical products

Food products

Cosmetics products

Veterinary products

Paper products

Forest products


St. Petersburg Life Science Cluster: key facts

St. Petersburg cluster of medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as radiation technologies was founded in 2010. In 2019 the cluster was transformed into St. Petersburg Food & Drug Cluster.

2010Founded in 2010
178Over 178 members
20At least 20% of the Russia's R&D and production is done in St. Petersburg.
26Export is done into 26 countries.